Quality Policy

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To ensure customer satisfaction;

  • Using modern production technologies,
  • To sell products that comply with the conditions specified in legal regulations,
  • Establishing effective mutual communication with our suppliers, legal authorities and customers,
  • To implement, develop and continuously improve the processes we carry out in line with the Quality Management System,

WE COMMIT TO working by providing training to all our employees in line with our QUALITY POLICY. 


Avrasya Hydraulic Machinery adopts “Integrated Management System” principle and principles in all its processes. It is a business that aims to continuously improve by taking into account the requirements. Continuously improving our system in order to always achieve and maintain customer satisfaction, along with these improvements; In all our activities with our sensitivity to society, environment, customers, quality and employees;

  • To manage our processes with a Risk Based Approach,
  • To offer our products/services in accordance with customer requirements and quality, environment and OHS standards,
  • To continuously develop and improve product and service quality to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.
  • To evaluate our customers' demands and complaints without prejudice and fairly; open, transparent, fast and customer-oriented solutions,
  • To ensure full compliance with legal terms and regulations regarding Environmental and Occupational Safety,
  • Continuous improvement of the integrated management system.
  • To adopt the "zero accident" approach in Occupational Safety as a basic principle,
  • To prevent environmental pollution and make it a part of corporate culture,
  • To identify environmental risks and emergencies and to take a preventive approach on these issues,
  • To improve environmental and energy efficiency awareness in all relevant parties,
  • Reducing our impact on the environment and increasing our positive environmental dimensions,
  • To pay utmost attention to the existence and security of every element we define as assets in the entire software and hardware environment within our business. Applying technical and behavioral competencies to increase information security awareness
  • To attach importance to training and teamwork so that all our employees become individuals who can use their talents at the highest level.
  • Respecting all rights and reputations of our employees, stakeholders and competitors and protecting ethical values
  • To observe the principles of trust, honesty, accuracy and transparency in all our behaviors within our field of activity and influence.
  • Achieving company and unit goals in team spirit, based on the Total Quality philosophy.