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Truck Mounted Forklift
Truck Mounted Forklift

The Compact Pile Driver

With their power and compact design,
Mazaka Truck Mounted Forklifts challenging the city.
Effortlessly increase your dumping speed with our three wheel drive models.
Choose between our models and adapt them to your exact requirements,
carrying loads of up to2500-3500 kg.

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Boom Lenght
Engine Type
Tires Dimentions
Truck Mounted Forklift Truck Mounted Forklift Service Truck Mounted Forklift BrandsTruck Mounted Forklift Price Truck Mounted Forklift Manufacturer Truck Mounted Forklift For Sale
TMF 20 K TMF 25 K
Load Capacity 2000/1200 kg 2500/1600 kg
Boom Drive Stroke 1250 mm 1370 mm
Operating Weight 2100 kg 2550 kg
Travel Speed  10 km/h 12 km/h
Slope Climbing %20 %25
Side-Shifter 100 mm 120 mm
Hydraulic Working Pressure 180 bar 225 bar
TMF 20 K TMF 25 K
Tires 23 x 8.5 - 12 10X16.5
Fork Mirror (Class A) ISO IIA ISO IIA
Fork Dimensions (mm) 100X40X1200 125X45X1200
Truck Overhang 1200 mm 1250 mm
TMF 20 K TMF 25 K
Model S3L2 S4Q2
Fuel Type   Diesel Diesel
Number of Cylinders  3 4
Power @ 2800 rpm 24 kW 34 kW
Cooling System Water Cooling Water Cooling 
TMF 20 K TMF 25 K
Gearbox Hydrostatic Hydrostatic
Differential Lock Twin-Lock  Twin-Lock
Steering Wheel  Rear Wheel Rear Wheel
Service Brake Static Static
Parking Brake Electric Electric
Battery 12 V / 80 A 12 V / 80 A
Tank Capacity
TMF 20 K TMF 25 K
Fuel Tank 30 Lt 30 Lt
Engine Oil  4 Lt 7 Lt
Hydraulic Oil 40 Lt 40 Lt