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Mazaka Machine Control System is the most advanced GPS system for pile drivers actually present on the market. Mazaka Heavy Industry uses own software which is called Softbooster on GPS system.

It allows full automatic control of the machine, both during the piling and at the translation phases.

Thanks to this system the productivity will have a relevant daily increase, and also the error margins will low close to levels 0.

It is the software module activated from MAZAKA SOFTBOOSTER to control MAST centringthrough the auto hydraulic control, to control the Mast levelling using a tilt slope sensors linked with the X and Y mast tilt movements and to control the Hammer Height aid from a GPS plate antenna fit over the Hammer. The right post height position, can be controlled from an harrow displayed running on the screen in real time , over the wished final post height .

The operator can move automaticly the vehicle on a straight line with the remote control.