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Please read this agreement carefully before accessing or using the site. By accessing or using the site, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth below. mazaka-Hydrolik ve Makine Makina İmalat Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., which is the exclusive right holder of the website. may make changes to this agreement at any time, and such changes will become effective immediately upon posting of the amended agreement on the site. You agree to periodically review the agreement to be aware of these changes, and your continued access to or use of the site will constitute your final acceptance of the amended agreement.

Copying, reproduction, distribution, processing or any other use of photographs, videos and other visual and written materials in the content of the website for any purpose, by any means, without permission, Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works and Turkish Penal Code It is a crime within the scope of its provisions, and it is important to announce to you that criminal proceedings will be brought against those who commit such acts and that compensation cases will be filed, all necessary measures will be taken to protect intellectual and industrial labor and all legal remedies will be applied.

Relevant photographs, video footage, animations, news articles and other written and visual materials published on the website are provided by MAZAKA-Hydrolik ve Makine Makina İmalat Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. It cannot be published, copied, reproduced, distributed, added, deleted or any other change in its content, partially or completely, by any technological method, on any other website or in any other medium, without the permission of . Links and similar technologies cannot be used without permission, and part or all of the website cannot be published in any medium offline using offline browser and similar methods. If you want to publish the content (such as text, photos, videos, animations, etc.) published by the website on your own virtual or visual media for non-commercial purposes, you have to apply through the "customer relations form" from the communication section and get permission from the authorized unit.


ARTICLE 1: The purpose of the contract,

Between on the one hand (hereinafter referred to as WEBSITE in this agreement) and you, the WEBSITE user (hereinafter referred to as the USER in this agreement), who will use or are using this WEBSITE, on the other hand, WEBSITE' to determine the terms and provisions governing the use of the website and to ensure its binding and enforcement.



A. The USER cannot, in any way, download, copy, reproduce, or publish any of the written and visual content of the WEBSITE on his own and/or someone else's website or in any other medium for commercial purposes. In the event that the WEBSITE suffers any damage due to the USER's non-compliance with this obligation, the USER agrees, declares and undertakes to compensate for these losses at the first request of the WEBSITE without the need for any warning or notice.

B. Pictures, video images and other written or visual content on the WEBSITE cannot be published on another website for commercial purposes, and a link cannot be provided without permission. In the event that the WEBSITE suffers any damage due to the USER's non-compliance with this obligation, the USER agrees, declares and undertakes to compensate for these losses at the first request of the WEBSITE without the need for any warning or notice.

C. The WEBSITE cannot be published in any other website in any way such as frames, i-frames or similar.

D. The USER acknowledges that the WEBSITE does not warrant that the files available for download are free from viruses, trojans or any other malicious or damaging code or material. It is the USER's sole responsibility to meet, maintain and update all software and hardware needs for the prevention of such malicious and damaging codes or materials, the accuracy of data input-output or the recovery of any lost data. The WEBSITE is not responsible for any damages incurred by the USER or third parties due to such malicious codes or materials, data inaccuracies or losses.

E. The USER agrees to assume all responsibility and risk arising from the use of the WEBSITE. The WEBSITE provides the site and all elements included in its content "AS IS" and does not provide any express or implied warranties about the WEBSITE or any service, information or element included in the site content or any use of the site provided through the WEBSITE. All opinions, advice, services or other information and information provided through the WEBSITE It is the USER's sole responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of the material.

F. The USER agrees not to do the following in connection with the use of the site:

It will not violate any applicable law of the Republic of Turkey, international convention or the laws of any other state in any way,

Harmful, threatening, insulting and abusive, abusive or abusive, tortious or slanderous, vulgar, obscene, abusive, or someone else's not to transmit any message, information, data, text, software or images or any other type of material that may violate the privacy rights or in any other way that requires the legal and criminal liability of the USER,

State that this WEBSITE will not represent any person or business, including but not limited to the owner/owners and officials, before third parties as if they were the representative of that person or business, or that it is related to these people and businesses in a way that is misleading and may create confusion in the minds of the public. will not,

G. WEBSITE is not the subject of any civil or criminal action arising from the use of the WEBSITE. WEBSITE is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damages, losses, expenses or any other claims that may arise from the actions of the USER or third parties.

H. If the USER does not comply with his obligations under this contract, he will pay $100,000 (One Hundred Thousand Dollars) for each violation as a penal clause to the owner of the WEBSITE, Mazaka-Hydrolik ve Makine Makina İmalat Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., accepts, declares and undertakes that the penal clause is not exorbitant and that he will not demand criticism from the courts.


ARTICLE 3: In no event shall the WEBSITE be responsible for:

A. WEBSITE shall not be liable for any incidental, risk or indirect damages arising from the use or non-use of the WEBSITE, any transaction, service, information, data and any other material provided or downloaded through the WEBSITE, or any delay in such information or service. (including but not limited to damages resulting from loss of profits, business interruption, loss of programs or information), even if the WEBSITE or its authorized representatives have been notified.

B. The WEBSITE shall not be liable for any claims arising from errors, omissions or other defects within the WEBSITE and/or any material or information downloaded through the WEBSITE.

C. The USER is responsible for the good operation, maintenance, updating of all telephone, computer hardware, internet and computer security, and all kinds of equipment necessary for accessing and using the site, and all kinds of fees, taxes and all kinds of monetary obligations of these equipments. The USER is fully responsible for any damages, lawsuits and claims that the USER may incur due to non-compliance with these obligations.

D. If the USER violates any article of this agreement due to his access to and use of the WEBSITE, he is responsible for all losses, expenses, damages and expenses, including litigation fees and expenses and attorney fees, arising from this violation. WEBSITE is in no way responsible for these.

E. WEBSITE reserves the right to disclose current or past USER or WEBSITE information, in case it detects that the USER's account has been used for illegal acts, or if there is convincing evidence to justify this, if the decision of a judicial authority or the WEBSITE deems it necessary. .

F. Website employees, representatives, licensors and sponsors may also claim against the USER on their own behalf and on their own account, regarding the provisions regarding the use of the site and compensation.


ARTICLE 4: Being aware of the global nature of the Internet, the USER agrees to comply with all local laws and other regulations, including but not limited to rules regarding the Internet, data, electronic mail, or privacy. The USER agrees to comply with the laws and other legislation, especially in Turkey or in the USER's country of residence.

ARTICLE 5: The laws and regulations of the Republic of Turkey shall apply in the resolution of disputes between the parties arising from this contract, in the implementation and interpretation of the whole or parts of the contract. The parties accept this unconditionally and unconditionally.

Ankara courts and enforcement offices will be authorized to resolve disputes between the parties arising from this contract.


A. The WEBSITE's failure to request the enforcement of any clause of this agreement means that it waives any provision or right.

it doesn't.

B. Neither the behavior of the parties nor the commercial practices and customs will play any role in changing any provision of this contract - without prejudice to the WEBSITE's right to change the contract.

This contract, which consists of 6 articles, has been made between the USER and the WEBSITE and will remain valid as long as the USER uses the site.