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Solar Panel Cleaning Solutions
Solar Panel Cleaning Solutions
  • Code MP40C-MP60C

Telescopic Machine for the cleaning and washing of photovoltaic solar panels.


It is the self-propelled version of the series of photovoltaic solar panel cleaning machines produced by Mazaka. The machine is customizable in terms of characteristics and dimensions, based on the configuration of the plants where it is going to operate, able to satisfy the various needs of operators in the sector and adaptable to any environmental condition.

It is equipped with a telescopic arm, can operate with a brush length up to 4.4-6.4 meters, with a water cleaning system, dry cleaning system or combined brush plus suction system. These last two systems are particularly suitable for operating in desert areas, where most of the pv plants are located. The choice of the cleaning system is linked to the type of brush used, in particular for water cleaning are used Carlite brushes, for dry cleaning Nylon ones.

Engine : Diesel StageIII

Power : 55 kW

Brush Length : 4.4-6.4 m

Brush Diameter : 300 mm

Brush Speed : 120-150 rpm

Tank Capacity : 2000 L

Driving Speed : 1.5 km/h

Battery : 12-24 V

Carlite Brush

We provide onsite safety training and best operating practices related to this product. You can rest assured your staff will be well equipped to operate the solar panel cleaning brush machnery safely and efficiently.

Optional Features:

  • Automatic Leveling
  • Water Softner
  • Water Heater
  • Engine Stage V
  • Cabin
  • Air conditioning
  • Nylon brush